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Corporate law, tax and M&A

Astor Croy consultants enjoy top-notch experience in corporate law and taxation.  Amongst others, we can solve the following issues:

  1. Turn-key establishment of companies in most of jurisdictions of the world (CIS, United Kingdom, United Arabic Emirates, United States, etc.);

  2. Legal and tax due diligence of any company or project (full or partial);

  3. Creation of international corporate and personal financial structures (including EU countries) to ensure the protection of Clients and their assets from economic and political risks and relevant tax optimization;

  4. Investments protection and advice;

  5. Mergers and acquisitions - full support on all steps of sale and purchase of the companies and restructurings (SPAs, structuring, regulatory and negotiations)

  6. Corporate governance - structuring and due diligence, corporate disputes resolution, corporate restructuring, liquidation and bankruptcy advice)


International tax support

Our experienced international tax specialists can establish a fully functional international tax structure and provide the following global support:

  1. Creating and maintaining (managing and administering) a structure allowing reliable investments in financial institutions of foreign countries on the most favorable terms;

  2. Optimization of taxes through special contractual tools;

  3. Planning a strategy for working with funds located on company accounts in the CIS countries;

  4. Global immigration and citizenship issues (we enjoy and honor to provide our services in a partnership with the world's leading immigration company) 

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Regulation, Investment Protection and Litigation

Astor Croy is your reliable partner for operating your business in the legal and most efficient way. We can conduct a regulatory due diligence and advise on any legal query relating to business operations in Kazakhstan and the CIS (operations, subsoil use, insurance, labour, etc.). 

To additionally protect your investments and businesses we can provide both consultations and representations in arbitration and litigation, including:

  1. Administrative and criminal proceedings;

  2. Investment protection, corporate and tax disputes;

  3. Representation and settlements in courts of all instances and arbitration;

  4. Preliminary due diligence (namely, prior to state bodies') and appeal testings

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Next level of business

Astor Croy brings top level international law and tax experience to your business. To help you to develop your business we can undertake a due diligence of your company and your operational contracts to improve your business and to increase its value for potential investments.
We also issue legal opinions and prepare businesses for IPOs, ICOs and financings (international and local).

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